Tuesday Recap:

Wow… we’re not even a week in to the summer, and I already missed a day. Cool.

Anyway, I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what happened on Tuesday: absolutely nothing.

Seriously, it was a pathetic waste of a day. I went up to MSU-B to see if I could get into a class, and found out that I would probably be wait-listed. After that, I drove back to my house, went for a run, and then played some Halo: Reach before bed.

I guess the only really exciting part of the day happened during my run. Right at the beginning of my run, an angry dog ran out of someone’s driveway and started chasing me. That was cool. I think the adrenaline rush from sprinting away from the dog helped me run farther. I also seen a few sheriffs… and after my experiences with cops last summer, I was less than thrilled to see them– especially when they pulled off into a driveway a dozen yards ahead of where I was running.

Thankfully they were busy checking something else out though, and the rest of my run went relatively smooth.

Anyway, I’m going to try and make today a more awesome day. See you back here later.

– Will