A Tale of Two Jobs

The past few days have left me tired, stressed, and generally worn out. Although I haven’t had to work a lot of hours at my new job so far, the mix of waking up early for the merchandising job and staying up late for the hardware store job is beginning to take it’s toll. I’ve been substituting energy drinks for sleep, and it’s just not the same. I miss my pillow time.

Despite feeling exhausted from a lack of sleep, I definitely feel like juggling these two jobs is more than doable; it almost feels natural. I go to the merchandising job in the morning, take a break for a few hours, then go to work at the hardware store at night. It almost feels like I’m going to school still, but I’m getting paid for being awake at an early hour (which makes getting out of bed a little easier). I’m looking forward to the fruits of this extra labor; I get paid on Friday, and it’ll be nice to have a little money after being essentially broke for two-weeks.

If I had to make a comment on how things were going at this present moment, I would say that life is good.

The only somewhat disconcerting issue on the horizon is my future living situation. A few friends and I applied for a really nice apartment last week, and everything went through OK for the most part, except for one of the cosigners. So now I’m just waiting for this guy to find another cosigner (which he’s done), and turn in another cosigner application (which he won’t be doing ’til Friday).

I’m not too worried that this cosigner will also fail– I’m just anxious to be finished with the whole process of moving. This new apartment is a huge upgrade from the one I’m currently in, and I’m ready to reap the benefits of it now! (haha) Additionally, moving is just generally stressful, and it’s something I would like to finish soon so that I won’t have to deal with it for at least another 12 months or so.

That’s all I’ve got for the past few days… I did go on a hike to Hyalite on Sunday, but I’m far too tired to upload pictures right now.

Until next time,

– Will

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