Time Flies When You’re Boring

I’m always surprised at how quickly the week flies by when I realize that it’s Friday. When you’re working at a job with heavy repetition, there’s no differentiation between days. I tend to fall into certain routines outside of my working hours (like most people), so the days kind of bleed together into one chunk of the week that zips by quickly. The weekends come fast, but I always have an acute awareness that the time that’s going by quickly is essentially wasted.

If you’re not doing anything worthwhile, time doesn’t really matter.

I have developed a plan to get out of this rut. Step one is straightforward: get a day job. I could hypothetically switch to the day shift at my current job, but I think a fresh start somewhere new would be better. Staying at a place where there is very little room for growth would be antithetical to my longing for self-improvement. I’ll spend part of the weekend doing the usual job-hunting stuff, and then begin working on the next step: rebuilding my social life.

As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve become isolated over time as old friends moved away. I never really developed great social skills during high school or college; I was lucky and somehow befriended extroverts who introduced me to other people. As an introvert who grew up in a semi-isolated environment (I attended a K-8 school when I was younger, and there were roughly 200 kids in the entire school. I went to school with mostly the same people for seven years. How do you develop the skills to meet new friends when nobody around you is a stranger?!?), I have a bit of a learning curve to deal with when it comes to developing a new circle of friends. That makes me anxious, and my mind races whenever I’m out at the bars or in any other crowded environment. But I’m excited to learn, and I just need to get out of the house and actually try to meet new people! Getting out and socializing (as oddly clinical and generally “not cool” as that sounds) is my other goal for the weekend.

Outside of those two goals, I want to enjoy the beautiful Summer weather and take some pictures to share with you on the blog. What are your plans for the weekend? Leave a comment below, and feel free to add any other comments or feedback you may have as well.

See you tomorrow!


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