Shooting a Moving Target

So, it’s been a month. Wow. Life moves fast. I’m going to skip the usual routine of excuses and promises; I’ve tortured you with that nonsense too many times to count.

There are only two-months left until Summer ends. 62-days to be exact. I haven’t been as successful as I would have hoped to be with my goals thus far, but there’s still plenty of time to get most of them done. Reviewing my original list of goals to complete over the Summer, I realized that my goal to complete three coding certifications from FreeCodeCamp wasn’t very realistic. Each certification takes roughly 300 hours to complete; each certification would take seven and a half weeks to complete if I studied for 40 hours each week. With a full-time job, there just isn’t enough time left in the Summer to complete that goal. Instead, I’m going to focus on completing one of the certifications (Responsive Web Design).

A brief progress report on my other goals:

  • Reestablish my daily routine. Wake up at the same time (even on weekends), work out everyday, read, study, and go to sleep on a consistent schedule. I haven’t made great progress on this goal. I wake up consistently at 4:30 AM during the weekdays, but I never wake up that early on the weekends. I haven’t been to the gym since April 23rd (yikes). I’ve been reading and studying more often recently, but not nearly as often or for as long as I would like. I tend to go to bed around the same time during the weekdays, but weekends are a crapshoot. I need to focus on setting smaller goals for each week, so that I can actually see some progress taking place.
  • Get outside more often (hiking, backpacking, etc.), at least once a week. While I haven’t gone hiking or backpacking this Summer, I have been outside at least once a week. I joined an adult recreational kickball league, and we play games once a week. It’s fun to get outside, run a little, and hang out with some new people. I still want to go hiking at least once a week, and I definitely want to go backpacking before the Summer ends.
  • Post on this blog on a regular and consistent basis (at least twice a week). Obviously I’ve failed here. I haven’t made this blog a priority, and it’s shown. I’m working on it. I will write another post on here by Wednesday night (7/25).

Kelci and I have been dating for one-year as of today. It’s weird to think that much time has passed– it hasn’t felt that long at all. This past year has been wonderful, and things have been even better now that we’re in the same town. I’m so blessed to be with someone that I connect with on every level. I love her so much, and I can’t wait for what the next year brings.

I hope your Summer is going well too, dear reader. I’ll see you again soon.