I’m struggling to find the right words to describe the emotions of the last few days.

My cousin, Kyle, was murdered on Saturday night.

I feel numb, sad, and angry.

I was in disbelief for most of Saturday night and Sunday. I kept reliving the moment where my Mom cried out that he had been shot, and seeing the tears run down her face. Later, when my Dad told me that Kyle died, I heard the pain and sadness in his voice. I cannot imagine what my aunt, uncle, and cousins are going through.

I feel empty. I wish I had been better about keeping in touch with him. I think about his daughter growing up without her father and I start to cry. I think about the animal that murdered him, and I feel a deep, immense rage. I feel an obligation to be there for my family, but I don’t know what to say.

I have no words. I can’t think. Nothing feels like the right thing to say.


The world was robbed of a kind, funny, smart, and caring man. He was just trying to bring his daughter home.

Rest in peace, Kyle. You will be dearly missed.