This blog is going to be a record of how I spent my final summer before graduating from high school. It will record all of the fun experiences, express all of the fear and excitement I have for the future, and also serve as a general blog of my day-to-day life during the summer. It could also contain some other random thoughts about things I am interested in, but I plan to keep those off-topic tidbits in a separate section from the main blog.

Essentially, this is my self-assigned summer project. It’s going to be a “summer of expression” through various types of media. YouTube videos, audio recordings of me playing the guitar, pictures, and writing will probably be the main forms of expression, but occasionally I might post a random doodle. Basically, I will attempt to express my creativity in a way that I never have before. I will reach my potential and attempt to succeed it. And you will have a front row seat to the show. Enjoy.

– Will Opie

P.S. There’s a Twitter Feed running on the right-side of the blog/site that I plan to update more frequently.

© Copyright 2010. Will Opie and “The Final Summer”. All rights reserved.

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