I’m struggling to find the right words to describe the emotions of the last few days.

My cousin, Kyle, was murdered on Saturday night.

I feel numb, sad, and angry.

I was in disbelief for most of Saturday night and Sunday. I kept reliving the moment where my Mom cried out that he had been shot, and seeing the tears run down her face. Later, when my Dad told me that Kyle died, I heard the pain and sadness in his voice. I cannot imagine what my aunt, uncle, and cousins are going through.

I feel empty. I wish I had been better about keeping in touch with him. I think about his daughter growing up without her father and I start to cry. I think about the animal that murdered him, and I feel a deep, immense rage. I feel an obligation to be there for my family, but I don’t know what to say.

I have no words. I can’t think. Nothing feels like the right thing to say.


The world was robbed of a kind, funny, smart, and caring man. He was just trying to bring his daughter home.

Rest in peace, Kyle. You will be dearly missed.

Shooting a Moving Target

So, it’s been a month. Wow. Life moves fast. I’m going to skip the usual routine of excuses and promises; I’ve tortured you with that nonsense too many times to count.

There are only two-months left until Summer ends. 62-days to be exact. I haven’t been as successful as I would have hoped to be with my goals thus far, but there’s still plenty of time to get most of them done. Reviewing my original list of goals to complete over the Summer, I realized that my goal to complete three coding certifications from FreeCodeCamp wasn’t very realistic. Each certification takes roughly 300 hours to complete; each certification would take seven and a half weeks to complete if I studied for 40 hours each week. With a full-time job, there just isn’t enough time left in the Summer to complete that goal. Instead, I’m going to focus on completing one of the certifications (Responsive Web Design).

A brief progress report on my other goals:

  • Reestablish my daily routine. Wake up at the same time (even on weekends), work out everyday, read, study, and go to sleep on a consistent schedule. I haven’t made great progress on this goal. I wake up consistently at 4:30 AM during the weekdays, but I never wake up that early on the weekends. I haven’t been to the gym since April 23rd (yikes). I’ve been reading and studying more often recently, but not nearly as often or for as long as I would like. I tend to go to bed around the same time during the weekdays, but weekends are a crapshoot. I need to focus on setting smaller goals for each week, so that I can actually see some progress taking place.
  • Get outside more often (hiking, backpacking, etc.), at least once a week. While I haven’t gone hiking or backpacking this Summer, I have been outside at least once a week. I joined an adult recreational kickball league, and we play games once a week. It’s fun to get outside, run a little, and hang out with some new people. I still want to go hiking at least once a week, and I definitely want to go backpacking before the Summer ends.
  • Post on this blog on a regular and consistent basis (at least twice a week). Obviously I’ve failed here. I haven’t made this blog a priority, and it’s shown. I’m working on it. I will write another post on here by Wednesday night (7/25).

Kelci and I have been dating for one-year as of today. It’s weird to think that much time has passed– it hasn’t felt that long at all. This past year has been wonderful, and things have been even better now that we’re in the same town. I’m so blessed to be with someone that I connect with on every level. I love her so much, and I can’t wait for what the next year brings.

I hope your Summer is going well too, dear reader. I’ll see you again soon.



I turned 24 exactly one-month ago.

Acknowledging that I’m 24 feels weird. When I was younger, 24 felt a lot older. It felt more “adult.”

I’m approaching the peak of the hill that is my twenties. In 11 months, I’ll be 25. Then, I’ll be five-years away from being 30.

Thirty-years old. Fuck.

The idea of being 30 seems so foreign right now. And then, the progression of age that follows shortly thereafter (turning 40, 50, 60, etc.).

There is certainly a lot of life to live between now and then, but it feels closer than it used to be. That’s just how time works.

I’m six-years younger than my Dad was when I was born. I’m rapidly approaching the age he was when my sister was born. The concept of parenthood at this point in my life still seems like a foreign experience.

There’s only one thing that hasn’t changed as the years roll on:

Life is weird.


P.S. A proper epilogue to this blog for the year will be coming soon. Apologies for leaving you all hanging in the past month. Stay tuned!

Mind the Gap

Pro-tip: When planning to begin a daily writing schedule, avoid taking trips away from home that might make it difficult to write.

Unless you’re blind, you’ve probably noticed that I missed five(!) days worth of posts. I could list a myriad of excuses (travelling, missing one day easily snowballs into two, etc.), but I think it’s best to skip the bullshit and dive into what exactly you missed during my absence.

September 2nd (Saturday): I got a call from my parents and decided to go to Billings for part of my four-day weekend. I’ve been to Billings a few times in the last month or two, but I spent most of my time during those visits with Kelci. I felt a little guilty for not seeing them during my last trips through, and this seemed like a good opportunity to spend a little time with my family. I rode the R3 in on Saturday afternoon, met my family for dinner (including my sister’s family), and then had a beer with my parents. After that, I met my friend, Dan, downtown for a few drinks.

September 3rd (Sunday): Sunday was mostly uneventful until my buddy, Josh, stopped by to visit. He lives out in Forsyth, and we don’t see each other very often due to our differing schedules and responsibilities (in other words, life happens). We went out to Scheels, checked out some hunting backpacks, grabbed a beer at B-Wings (mozzarella sticks and Angry Hank’s Street Fight do not pair well), then had dinner back at my parents’ house. I’ve known Josh since elementary school, and even though we haven’t hung out often in the last few years, it doesn’t take long to get past the awkwardness of time or distance. Long-term friendships, in my experience, tend to overcome those kinds of obstacles with relative ease. Trust that’s forged over a decade is incredibly strong, and somewhat rare these days…

September 4th-6th: Labor Day was also fairly uneventful. I rode back to Bozeman in the afternoon, then met Kelci and her family for dinner. Dinner was awesome (The Roost makes the best fried chicken in Bozeman), and it was great to see Kelci again. After Labor Day, I went back to the repetitive work grind. As I’ve mentioned before, my job is incredibly repetitive, and that kind of environment is not conducive to creativity (it leeches energy from the soul).

I question the value in writing here daily when the repetitive nature of my days means that I’ll have so little to report. Reading those posts would be like staring down the world’s most boring and depressing hall of mirrors. I don’t wish to bore you to death with that kind of meaningless drivel.

I will post here again before the Summer technically ends. Until then,


Author’s Note: This post was written in a draft weeks ago, but not published until the 20th. I backdated the post to reflect when it was originally written.

Recovery & Reflection

The hangover after Saturday night’s shenanigans wasn’t nearly as brutal as it could have been. A better strategy of eating and staying hydrated would have probably prevented it entirely, but I suppose that’s something to remember for later. (Though, realistically, avoiding that kind of evening entirely would be much better.)

The worst part about any hangover, in my opinion, is the mental fog/haze. Thoughts don’t feel clear. Cognition is muddled. Everything is a struggle. Hydration, Ibuprofen, greasy food, and a little caffeine helps a lot, but the only true remedy is time. I spent most of the day napping and lazing around the house, feeling shitty about missing the early morning ride I wanted to go on with my local motorcycle group. Wasting a perfectly good Summer day is the kind of thing that can really eat away at you if you let it.

Fortunately, I don’t waste many days like this, and I don’t plan to do it again anytime soon. I think my friends and I were trying to chase the same kind of evening we had a few weekends ago after a wedding, but the vibe just wasn’t the same. Without that kind of significant celebration, it’s just another hollow evening downtown.

This weekend wasn’t entirely wasted, though. I cleaned up my room, worked on my resume, and scoured the job classifieds. If I can avoid the kind of setbacks that happened on Saturday, I should make real progress soon.

I apologize for the late posts! I know that a daily blog is supposed to have new posts daily. I see this weekend as a one-time setback on what will otherwise be a hopefully productive & engaging summer of writing.

See you tomorrow,


[no title needed]

It’s been eight-days since my last post. Things have happened since then– here’s the recap:

  • Last week was fairly uneventful. I went to work, came home, watched a lot of Netflix, then did it all over again.
  • Friday night, I went over to a friend’s house. We had a few beers and spent the evening talking about life’s frustrations. I haven’t stayed up all night talking in a very long time.
  • My Memorial Day weekend was spent with my family in Butte. It was nice to hang out with my grandparents, aunts, and my parents for a bit. There’s definitely a generational gap (and I was the only one under 40-years-old in the group), but we had a good time.

I’m still looking for more out of my life. The routine is getting boring; I crave excitement. I’ll be on vacation next week, and I’m hoping some time away from work will be refreshing.

Until then,

– Will

The Lonely Club’s Day Off

Today was a waste.

I watched a ton of ’80s movies for the first time (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and St. Elmo’s Fire). None of them were particularly great, but they also weren’t terrible. I was expecting more from these movies. Cult classics usually have more to offer (see Fight ClubKill Bill, and/or Office Space and you’ll understand what I mean by “more to offer”). These movies have scenes and characters that are iconic in pop culture, but the storylines themselves aren’t particularly special. Perhaps the evolution of storytelling over the past few decades has raised the bar for exceptional movies, and these classics can’t really compete, or maybe I’m just no longer in the target demo.

If I watched these movies while I was in high school, I probably would have loved them. The exaggerated drama and emotion, the commentary on the social castes in the high school environment, and the dumb acts of rebellion would have been right up my alley (it’s the only logical explanation for why I loved the US/MTV version of Skins so much). Sex, smoking, drinking, and other “adult” activities that are generally forbidden fruits for teens are alluring when you’re in high school. When you’re finally old enough to do these things legally, the novelty is lost.

Suddenly, smoking cigars in the parking lot isn’t cool anymore.

St. Elmo’s Fire did capture the experience of the gradual decline of friendships after graduation quite well. Time, distance, work, and growing up throw a wedge between friends. It’s sad, and it sucks, but it’s a part of life. It doesn’t get easier though.

As an inhabitant of a recently deserted apartment, I’ve been feeling pretty lonely. Stories about people drifting apart aren’t making me feel better, oddly enough.

It’s 1:35 AM. I should get to bed.

– Will


Wake up. Eat breakfast. Watch House. Eat lunch. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Watch House. Go to bed. Do it again the next day, and the next, and the next….

It feels like my life is stuck on repeat. Living alone in a town where most of your friends are either busy or living somewhere else sucks.

I have no idea how to get out of this rut. I don’t know how to meet new people. I’m stuck. I’m alone. I’m bored.

I tried to mix things up today. Despite a late start, I went up to Hyalite for a photo shoot. It started raining halfway up to the lake. One I arrived at the lake, I discovered that it was still frozen, and most of the surrounding area was still covered in snow. Disheartened, I drove back down to town, bought a couple of things at the store, and then went back home to watch movies on Netflix.

I need a change.

– Will

A Tale of Two Jobs

The past few days have left me tired, stressed, and generally worn out. Although I haven’t had to work a lot of hours at my new job so far, the mix of waking up early for the merchandising job and staying up late for the hardware store job is beginning to take it’s toll. I’ve been substituting energy drinks for sleep, and it’s just not the same. I miss my pillow time.

Despite feeling exhausted from a lack of sleep, I definitely feel like juggling these two jobs is more than doable; it almost feels natural. I go to the merchandising job in the morning, take a break for a few hours, then go to work at the hardware store at night. It almost feels like I’m going to school still, but I’m getting paid for being awake at an early hour (which makes getting out of bed a little easier). I’m looking forward to the fruits of this extra labor; I get paid on Friday, and it’ll be nice to have a little money after being essentially broke for two-weeks.

If I had to make a comment on how things were going at this present moment, I would say that life is good.

The only somewhat disconcerting issue on the horizon is my future living situation. A few friends and I applied for a really nice apartment last week, and everything went through OK for the most part, except for one of the cosigners. So now I’m just waiting for this guy to find another cosigner (which he’s done), and turn in another cosigner application (which he won’t be doing ’til Friday).

I’m not too worried that this cosigner will also fail– I’m just anxious to be finished with the whole process of moving. This new apartment is a huge upgrade from the one I’m currently in, and I’m ready to reap the benefits of it now! (haha) Additionally, moving is just generally stressful, and it’s something I would like to finish soon so that I won’t have to deal with it for at least another 12 months or so.

That’s all I’ve got for the past few days… I did go on a hike to Hyalite on Sunday, but I’m far too tired to upload pictures right now.

Until next time,

– Will

Shovels, Creeper Vans, and Swimming Pools.

Today started off with an early wake-up call. Jon called me this morning and asked me if I could help him load sand from the river into the bed of his truck. His dad wants to use the sand in his garden, and called him earlier that morning to go get the sand. I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, and waited for his truck to arrive at my house. We drove down to the river and began shoveling sand into the back of his truck when a couple of vehicles drove by. All of the cars that drove by were vans, most of the creepy, windowless “rape van” variety, and they would pull into the parking lot, pause briefly, and then drive away. It was pretty creepy, although I later realized that we probably didn’t look like the most normal people either (Two teenage boys frantically shoveling sand into the back of a truck is normal, right?). Nonetheless, holding a shovel made me feel more secure when these creeper vans were around.

Loading and transferring the sand to Jon’s garden didn’t take very long, and we finished around noon. After spreading the final load of sand in the garden, Jon, Anne, Kristin, and I went to Rose Park to go swimming. It was a nice day for the most part, but the weather changed from sunny to cloudy as the day progressed. We still had fun jumping off the diving boards and playing tag in the cold water though, and it was a nice way to spend my day off. I have blisters on my feet from spending so much time in the water, so work on Wednesday isn’t going to be fun. Blerg.

It’s hard to believe that July is almost over. School will be starting in a couple of weeks. The Final Summer is coming to an end…

– Will