This Week’s Topic: Page Views

Attempting to analyze the page views for this website is becoming difficult. There’s not really a clear pattern, and the number of times the front page is viewed varies daily. Sometimes this website receives as many as 74 page views in one day, other times it’s only viewed 15-20 times in one day. Advertising the blog on my Facebook account has mixed results. Blog views are boosted for the first day after the post is advertised on the news feed, and then a steady stream of people clicking the same link in the wall post continues for a few days. I’m now automatically advertising blog posts and Facebook via-WordPress’s “Publicize” feature. This has led to a slight boost in page views, but nothing major.

The blog always receives at least 15-20 page views a day (coincidentally, the blog receives 20 page views a day on average*). The current max. amount of page views in one day is 74, on July 5th.

Below is a graph of the page views. Check it out if you’re interested in that kind of stuff. 🙂

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