It’s Been a Long Day.

Today I learned seven mostly unrelated things:

1. Nine-hour shifts at a retail job suck, especially if said shift occurs the day before a core compliance check.

2. The CD/DVD drive in my laptop rips extremely slow. I hooked up my external USB CD drive that I acquired from eBay during my netbook days, and it ripped CDs way faster than the built-in drive. Weird…

3. I learned how to edit my wireless router settings. I know, this probably seems like a ridiculously easy task for most people, but I never really considered editing them until today. Now my router “broadcasts” its SSID as: Opie WiFi- Get Your Own Internet. I also changed the router from being WEP-secured (which is easily hacked, according to Wikipedia) to WPA. I also set the router to broadcast its WiFi signal at full power instead of at the stock 25% power level. (Why are router’s set to a low power transmission level at the factory?)

4. Microwaved mac & cheese meals do not contain enough calories to adequately feed a male adolescent over a period of six hours. I was so hungry that my shoes were looking pretty appetizing at the end of my shift.

5. I feel out-of-shape. I need to run and lift weights again. I want to enter my senior year ripped (haha).

6. I’m never going to buy something that drains my bank account for two weeks again. I need to manage my finances better.

7. I really need a haircut.

So that’s what I learned today. Next week looks like it will be jam-packed with work– my manager told me that I’ll be getting close to 40 hours next week! As much as I’m going to hate working that much, I need the cash. I’m taking four or five days in two weeks, so all those hours will make up for the time I’ll miss when I’m on vacation.

On a happier note, I have Saturday off! Yay! 🙂 This will be my first Saturday off in a long time. I won’t be able to do much though because I don’t have any cash (haha… I really love my laptop though). Maybe Dad and I will go ride our dirtbikes for the day… I might go paintballing too, since I have paint and CO2 stocked up. Hmm… We shall have to wait and see what happens.

I’m going to go to sleep now, so I’ll end it here. Thanks again for reading, and keep checkin’ back daily for more fresh dope. Word.

– Will


P.S. Yeah, I just used the word “dope” in a blog post.

Yeah, I know it was stupid.

Yeah, I don’t care.

P.S.S. Interesting posts soon. I confirmed that my podcasting mic (Blue Snowball) is Windows 7-compatible, so look for podcasts soon. They’re coming…

P.S.S.S. Random music suggestion: check out “Connection” by Elastica. I think it sounds pretty good…. what do you think? Comment it up, foo.

Epic Fail.

If you remember from yesterday’s post, today I was supposed to hang out with my friend, Josh, who lives a hundred miles away. Well, that didn’t happen. For reasons I’m still unaware of, he could not make it into town. So, my entire plan for the day was ruined with by one text message.

I was pretty disappointed that he wasn’t coming, especially since it’s been a couple of months since I last seen him, but I didn’t let it ruin my entire day. I called up Jon and we played some Halo 3 on Xbox Live for the afternoon. It was not a terrible way to spend the afternoon by any means, but it’s not exactly exciting to read about. Fear not, my few blog readers, for I still have something semi-interesting to write about.

Before I begin the interesting part of the blog, I have a quick question: Do you like the blog’s new look? I liked the way that the sky blue background matched the blue theme I’m using for my blog, but this lime green background looks pretty snazzy too. I figured it was time for a change in appearances anyway, as I’ve been using the same background color for the past few months. Also, I added a picture underneath the main title of the blog from one of my recent posts. I think it looks pretty good, but I care more about what you, the readers of this blog, think. So leave a comment on this post telling me what you think about the blog’s aesthetics.

Moving along, let’s talk about music. I love music. Music became a larger part of my life during my Junior year. Earlier, during my Freshman and Sophomore years,  I rarely would listen to my iPod. Now, I rarely leave the house without it. I think my increased enthusiasm for listening to and creating music is caused by my relationships with other people. Those relationships could be anything from a close friendship to me simply having a crush on some girl.  I’ve found that I listen to music more though when I’m interested in a girl, regardless of whether or not I’m dating her. If I really like a girl, I’ll probably write a few songs about her (my MySpace blog is filled with songs about a girl I had a crush on during my Sophomore year). I’ll also listen to music that reminds me of her, or just songs about relationships. During this time I usually listen to bands like Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Weezer (“Perfect Situation”= song of my life haha), The Audition, Snow Patrol (“Chasing Cars”), and MxPx. I’ll also listen to my usual favorite bands: Green Day, Three Doors Down, Scapegoat Wax and others (some of the previously mentioned bands are also my usual favorites :D). That being said, I listen to many different kinds of music (basically everything aside from classical music).

My friends and I also have our own “theme songs”. No, I don’t mean theme songs like the kind Batman or Superman would have– I’m talking about songs we always listen to whenever we hang out. The newest song we’ve been listening to a lot lately is “Go Cops” by Rucka Rucka Ali, a parody of “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha (WARNING: This song is NSFW* and is full of profanity. If you’re offended by such material, do not click the link!). Jon found it, and now whenever he, Kristin, and I are all together in the car driving somewhere, he always plays this song at least once. Another one of our “theme songs” is “Blueberry Yum Yum” by Ludacris (WARNING: This song could also be considered offensive to prudent ears, so consider yourself warned). Ironically, both of these songs are about smoking weed, and nobody in my group smokes weed. We’re all drug-free. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no weed… we don’t use drugs.  Period. We listen to those songs a lot though because we think they’re funny, not because of the messages behind the songs. We also listen to “Handlebars” by the Flobots (this song is “safe”), and other rap songs by T.I., Lil’ Wayne, and Kanye West. Why? I don’t know. But we have a lot of fun listening to these songs, and they bring back good memories from past times when we’ve hung out.

Do you and your friends have any “theme songs” that you guys listen to almost every time you hang out? Let me know in a comment on this post (along with your opinion about the blog’s new look).

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, and look for a new, event-filled post tomorrow.



* NSFW = Not safe for work.