“Sunshine go away today…”

It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon, and it’s been pouring rain since last night. The sky is gray and depressing, the weather is cold and wet, and the road is covered in puddles with little shiny patches of motor oil from leaky cars. Within the cozy walls of my house I can hear the rain pattering down from the sky at a fast and steady pace. The drops collide with the metal rain gutter and produce a deeper bass clunk that adds to the ensemble of nature’s percussion. To keep things interesting, an occasional gust whistles by, causing pedestrians to shield their faces with their hands or, if they’re lucky enough to have one, an umbrella. The cold urges everyone to move quickly to dry places, and the floors of stores become wet with black puddles from the shoppers’ shoes. Florescent yellow signs proclaiming, “CAUTION! WET FLOOR,” are placed by the entrances for two reasons: for the safety of the store’s valued customers, and for liability reasons in case someone happens to slip on the flooded floor and break a hip. Life goes on in the rain as it did the day before, filled with people worried more about covering their asses then the well-being of others. Bureaucracy is beautiful that way, isn’t it?

The rain has put me in a sarcastic mood against people. I never have really loved or even remotely liked people as a whole, and working in retail has reinforced this disgust. Spend a week in the shoes of an associate at a store that sells clothes and you’ll understand. The first completely destroyed fitting room you find will seem like a ridiculous and unusual event, and that whoever made the mess will eventually get what they deserve through bad karma. Then, you stumble upon more rooms filled with mountains of clothes, some in varying sizes, strewn on the floor but still attached to a hanger. In time, you might find a room where the pile of clothes and God knows what else isn’t on the floor, but in a shopping cart. Hopefully you won’t have a experience similar to mine where during a fitting room check you find a used feminine pad laying on the floor.

That was an extremely horrifying and disgusting experience. It even topped the smeared shit on the wall on my list of “worst fitting room discoveries”. Long story short, I did not have to clean up either fitting room. Fortunately that is not apart of my job description. No, the security crew somehow got the short straw and had to clean up those messes. I hope they’re getting paid enough to justify working at a job that occasionally involves cleaning human feces off the wall…

As I mentioned earlier, it’s raining. Simply to keep with the theme of my last few posts, I took a few pictures of the rain on my patio. Enjoy.

And now the time has come to end this rant against the horrors of people. I just heard the TV set in my parent’s room issuing a news report about the oil leak disaster in the gulf. If you ever want a reminder of how excessive greed and ass-covering are terrible things, simply turn on your television set to a news station. Hopefully God will help to repair this ignorant crime against nature and bring the Gulf back to its former pristine, life-filled state.




-An excerpt from George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984*


* I’m beginning to read 1984 by George Orwell and that particular passage, the “slogan of the Party”, immediately caught my attention. It’s such a well written mottoΒ for a society under constant fear of its government. I think I’m really going to like this novel… (I also would like to note that I’m reading it independently, and not for a school assignment.)


Today was the Saturday from Hell. I went in to work expecting to work my scheduled 8 AM to 1 PM shift and ended up leaving work at 4 PM. Our district manager visited the store today, which meant that my regular manager was twice as jumpy as usual. As usual, work sucked. Life goes on, and the world keeps moving.

The honeymoon is over. It has been for a few months now. I can barely remember a time where I actually enjoyed work and didn’t constantly check the time to see how much longer I had to wait until I could leave.

After leaving the store today, I came home and kind of zoned for a few hours. I didn’t really do much of anything and a few hours flew by very quickly. At around 8 PM I became aware of the time once again and decided I wanted to do something tonight. I texted Jon first and then Kristin, but Kristin was the first to respond. I called her and learned that her brother was about to go out on the roof to retrieve a ball he had gotten stuck up there earlier. I ran outside to the patio and snapped a few shots of him on the roof for blackmail. πŸ˜€ (*evil cackle*) Here’s the pics:

Kristin, on the phone with me, and Dillon, trying to get back inside.

From a distance, to show perspective.

After he finally went back into the house, Kristin came over and we talked about random things until Jon called to let me know he was off from work and able to hang out. He came over to my house a little while later with his girlfriend, Anne, and all four of us hung out at my house just messing around until about 10 PM when Kristin had to go. Then, Anne, Jon, and I went to Denny’s after a short debate over restaurant choices. We had a great time just talking and joking and eating some delicious cinnamon treats and the sampler we ordered until around 11 PM. Then we went back to my house and killed another half hour with occasional talk and awkward silence ’til they had to go. I then spent an hour on Facebook chatting with Kelci about the horrors of work and how basically every job we could currently get right now sucks other then becoming a lifeguard at a pool. We discussed the pros and cons of life-guarding for a while, and then ranted about our crummy jobs until 1 AM rolled around and we both decided sleep would be beneficial. And now I’m here, recounting the boring events of my day to a non-existent audience. Lovely, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Basically, the beginning of the day blew, the middle was a blur, and the end was a blast (in comparison to the earlier parts). I did, however, take a few random pictures during the middle part of the day…

A lovely picture of Stella, my kickass electric guitar.

This was simply a “right place, right time” picture. The slow shutter speed made her tongue a blur.

And this last picture is a picture of me after I finally got home from the visit to Denny’s… God bless Suki for putting up with my me and my jackass friends. She definitely earned her tip that night.

I really wanted to go to bed. Like really bad.

Thank God Summer is almost here. I can’t wait much longer to be free from school. I also cannot wait to go to sleep, so I’m going to end this blog here. Goodnight.


I’m Ready for Summer to Begin… NOW

Dear Summer,

What is the freakin’Β  holdup? If I have to sit through one more movie in my U.S. History class while my teacher talks on the phone, I’m going to lose it. Please send me a time machine to skip the next two weeks or just begin now. That would be great. Thanks.
– Will

Two more weeks of school left until Summer begins and the currently large waste of time, school, ends. Basically, there are two more weeks of school until freedom. πŸ™‚ Thank God.

What’s keeping me sane during this seemingly endless wait for Summer? Little things. Thinking about what’s coming. Going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Dreaming.

Unfortunately, I can only show you the “going outside and enjoying the fresh air” part through photography. It was nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather, blue skies and green grass. My cats were also thrilled to get outside and lay in the hot sun. I tried to read The Grapes of Wrath, the book we’re reading in my English class, but after a few pages I capitulated to the desire to take pictures instead. I also brought out my SAT prep book in the hopes of doing some studying, but alas this never occurred. Perhaps I’ll absorb its knowledge through osmosis… That would make carrying it everywhere worthwhile.

‘Twas sunny.

I love random shovels.


Hurrah for Color.

So much for studying…

(Random Note: I wouldn’t consider those pictures to be “world-class” photography or even somewhat good photography, but they add a nice visual to the blog, right?)

So that was my day… yesterday. It wasn’t really interesting, but it was nice nonetheless. On a more positive note, I have Friday off from work (a very rare occurrence) and I’m hoping to go stargazing again with Jon, Anne, and possibly Kristin. If the skies are clear and it’s not too cold, it should happen. I’ll post some pics and possibly a podcast/recording of our random conversations during this event if it actually occurs. The last time we recorded this was about three years ago when we were all Freshman… It’s hilarious to listen to now and we’re hoping to record some more good times like that. (Maybe I’ll post the first stargazing recording on here…. Hmm…)

Well that’s all for now folks. Look for weekly posts on Wednesdays until the Summer officially begins on June 5th*. Until next time…


* I have my SAT test on June 5th… FML.

A Pre-Summer Update for the Anxious

I’ve been thinking about random things I would like to post on this blog quite a bit lately. I believe my eager desire for summer to come influences this increased interest, and that means I will probably post a few more updates in here before the summer officially begins. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for this blog to develop, then this is good news. If you really don’t care and you just happened to stumble upon this page… well, at least there’s another post beyond the introduction. πŸ™‚

Now to the actual “update” part of the blog: I finally purchased some frames for the numerous posters I’ve had laying around my room for several weeks. I originally purchased some posters with black and white pictures of New York City to add some content to the empty, white-colored walls of my bedroom. After they arrived I was excited to put them up in my room without a frame, scotch-taped to the walls. My mom, however, was not thrilled with this plan and “encouraged” me to purchase frames for my posters. I grudgingly purchased frames for most of the posters this weekend, and now three of the four NYC posters are happily residing within their frames, anxious to find a place on the wall. I still need to buy frames for five or six more posters before my entire collection can be displayed within my room, but having these three framed gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also gives me hope that eventually they will all be up on the walls in my room, thus eliminating the “blank-wall” syndrome.

I bought the frames at Wal*Mart on Mother’s Day. They were fairly inexpensive (Under $10 for the smaller frame and around $15 each for the two larger frames) and look pretty nice. The glass/plastic is clear and the frame looks aestically pleasing for a cheap price. Although the frame is actually plastic, it would be difficult to tell if you seen it on the wall. It’s also pretty sturdy, so no worries about flimsy frame issues.

Framing My NYC Posters

A Close Up Of NYC Poster Frame

(Disclaimer: I did not take, nor do I claim to have taken, any of the pictures within the frames.)

Not bad for $35, huh? πŸ˜› I can’t wait to hang them up on my ridiculously empty walls.

Moving along to a completely unrelated topic, I’m preparing for the SAT & the ACT coming up in June. I purchased a couple of test prep books from Amazon.com on Friday and they just came in today. They’re a lot bigger then I expected, but I can’t wait to get studying so I can ace the tests. The SAT is on June 5th and the ACT is on June 12th, so I only have about a month to prepare. These books are pretty big (except for the much smaller “Crash Course on the ACT” book on top of the stack), as you can see, and will take some time to get through. I started reading the SAT book tonight and hope to finish it next week so I can have roughly the same amount of time to prepare for the ACT. Hopefully all of this preparation will lead to some good scores…

Well, that’s all for tonight. I need to get some sleep so I can hope to stay awake through History class tomorrow. πŸ˜› Look for another update soon!


The First Post: An Introduction

Dear Reader,
Hello. Welcome to the blog. In this introduction, I plan to explain to you what I will write about in this blog, and also provide more of a background as to why I am writing this blog. I do not plan to start off every blog like this, but I feel that a letter format for the introduction to this blog is fitting. So let’s begin, shall we?

The main goal of this blog is to provide a record of my true “final summer” of high school. I plan to use this blog in combination with other things to express my creativity throughout the summer. I also plan to use it as a log of the things I did during my summer vacation of 2010. So yes, you could say this blog is doomed to end at the end of the summer, but all good things come to an end, right? And regardless, I have several other blogs that I write in all over the internet, so you’ll have more to read if you like what you see. πŸ™‚

Expect to see lots of writing in various forms. You can also await pictures and videos and other assorted goodies. Perhaps a Vlog or two, but I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation (haha).

Basically, this blog will give you a fairly unrestricted view into three months of my life. I’m not sure how I feel about that at this moment, but I think it will turn out quite well. It should be interesting to read as I update it and later in the future to remember this summer. I’m excited. I wish it were summer now…

The idea for this blog came from a conversation via text messaging that I had with one of my best friends, Kristin. Here’s what was said:

Me: Hey! So I’m hoping that you’re not going to be ridiculously busy this Summer. Lol I really want to make a new skippy and jar vid

Kristin: Haha. Well yes the old one is getting really old. And hopefully I won’t be. But I’m trying to get a job and all that wonderful shit. Lol.

Me: I know how that goes… I just don’t want to work through my last summer here. I want to do a ton of fun stuff. πŸ™‚

K: I know. Only got a few more summers ’til we’re all off at college.

Me: Err more like one for Jon, Kendra, and me. That’s so crazy to think about… Gah.

K: Lol…. I have a feeling you’re gonna love college connor.

Me: I think I will too haha but it just seems like everything is going too fast.

K: Haha. Ya I know what u mean. It kinda seems like just yesterday we were all chilling as canyon creek kids.

Me: Exactly! Haha it seems like yesterday we were all bitching about how shitty Canyon Creek is and how we can’t wait to leave and here we are so close to being out on our own…. It’s crazy.

K: I know. But it’s kinda exciting at the same time…ya know?

Me: Yes, I know exactly what you mean. It’s an exciting thrill-land of possibility and a scary world of unknown all in one messed up circus tent.


…and that’s basically the bulk of the conversation that got me thinking about how I wanted to spend my summer. What I wanted to do before it was “too late”… When I put it that way, it seems like I’m dying of some horrible illness and this is my last summer with my friends before I die, but it’s not. We’ll still see each other and life will go on. But I still want to make the most of this summer.

So that’s it. That’s what this blog is going to be about. Is that interesting enough for ya, or would you like to see something else? Leave me a comment with your thoughts and opinions. Criticism is also appreciated as it helps to perfect my writing.

See you again soon!