Work, Sleep, Repeat.

One day into my daily blogging venture, and I already missed a day. Whoops.

I would feel more disappointed about missing a day/post if yesterday was more exciting. I spent the first half of the day watching movies and sleeping (my sleep schedule has been really messed up lately), and I spent the second half at work. Fortunately, I have two-days off (today and tomorrow), so there should be plenty of time to do some fun stuff (as well as catch up on all of my “adult” responsibilities– like cleaning my apartment).

I’m debating whether or not I want to spend the early hours of today taking care of all of my responsibilities, OR just going outside and enjoying the nice weather. I charged my camera battery yesterday, and it’s looking beautiful outside…

Maybe I should hop on my bike and head to Hyalite? (Or at least throw my bike in my car, drive to the trailhead, and then bike up the mountain.)

Hmm… decisions, decisions…

I’ll let you know what I did with the day later this evening.

Stay tuned,

– Will

…and we’re back.

Summer is here. Again. And similar to last summer, this summer is also another “final summer” for me. It’s the last summer I’ll have at home before leaving for college.

Wow, college is only three-months away. And I’m less then three-weeks away from orientation.


Technically summer started a couple of days ago– last Saturday, to be precise. I didn’t graduate from West until Monday, and then I had Bear Bash on Monday night… which lasted well into Tuesday morning (I didn’t get home until 6 in the morning).

Tuesday was a totally wasted day; I didn’t wake up until 1 in the afternoon, and I didn’t really do anything after that.

Wednesday was slightly more productive. I went into town, picked up my work schedule for this week, and bought an iPhone 4. Oh, and I also filled up my car with gas. Yep, definitely did that too.

Today was fairly unproductive; I met up with Kelci for lunch, mowed the lawn, and… well that’s it, really. Like I said, it was fairly pointless day. It was super windy, and nobody really seemed available to chill.

Basically, the past few days have been a total letdown from the awesome nights of partying last weekend. For my loyal readers who’ve been tuning in since last year, this really shouldn’t be much of a surprise– my day-to-day summer life seems to be pretty uneventful, and mostly filled with me bitching about how I wanted to do more. So yeah, nothing new, right?

WRONG. This summer is different. I learned a few things from last summer– most notably, that life requires action. Complaining about how boring life is will only make the situation seem more bleak. You have to get out and make the most of life. Don’t expect things to happen because you want them to– make them happen yourself.

This summer, I plan to do that.

So here’s to a better summer– a summer filled with memories that I’ll fondly look back on and say, “Well, at least I didn’t bitch for three-months straight that year.” 😀

Stay tuned,

– Will